Student Support Office

Everyone needs some support. At the Adult Campus, we have a Student Support Office available to students. The Student Support councilor is Ryan Wood.

Student Support encourages students to access this office for planning, support or just discussion. Staff are understanding and discussions will always be non-judgmental.

Student Support is an immediate support and liaison at times for students.

Student Support's role also includes:

  • class changes, progress reviews, credit checks
  • career planning
  • post-secondary planning: SIAST, military, U of R, trade schools, etc.
  • resume and cover preparation
  • job hunting support
  • information or connection to community-based supports, programs and agencies: drug and alcohol support groups, parenting and daycare supports, housing supports, sexual health supports, sports programs and clubs, healthy recreation
  • linkage with government: assistance, corrections, child protection, legal aid
  • personal crisis, stress and/or problems

So utilize the office for all forms of support.